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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Ear Wax

Human ear has three parts that include otitis externa which is the external part, otitis media the middle part and inner coiled part. Ear wax that is also called as “Cerumen” is formed in the external ear canal. Ear wax is acidic in nature.  It is glossy, sticky brownish golden substance that is produced by the sebaceous glands located in the external part of the ear canal.

Formation of ear wax

While cleaning the body many people often neglect their ears.  If they are not cleaned on the regular basis, then the external ear has glands called as sebaceous glands.  They naturally produce the sticky substance which combines with sebum, dead layer of skin, dust, and debris that result in the formation of this ear wax or Cerumen.

Benefits of ear wax

  • Ear wax has several important benefits that includes;
  • It acts as a natural cleanser that wipes the dust outside your ear.
  • Ear wax is also anti-bacterial in nature that does not allow any harmful pathogen to grow in your ear.
  • It moisturizes the ear canal that prevent ear from getting dry and produces itchiness.
  • This wax contains certain chemicals that do not allow infections to attack your ear.
  • It acts as a barrier and protects the eardrum from getting damaged.
  • It traps dust, debris, microorganisms and does not allow harmful substances to enter the ear and cause damage.

Side effects of ear wax

If ear wax has several advantages then on the other hand it has disadvantages too.

  • Excess of ear wax can result in the blockage of your ear canal.
  • Excess ear wax can lead to several infections.
  • It can cause severe itching.
  • Can lead to a pathological condition known as tinnitus.
  • Can cause ear pain.
  • Result is loss of hearing.
  • If it overgrows it can damage your ear drum.
  • Ear wax may give a sensation of discomfort or vertigo.

Safest ways to get rid of ear wax

Here are some of the safest tips that are easy to follow and that would help in ear wax removal.

  • One of the safest and easiest ways for ear wax removal is the use of baby oil or paraffin oil that is easily available. Oils are the best ear wax remover.  Take a teaspoon full of this oil and warm it over a flame.  Then put this oil into some dropper.  Now dropwise add the oil into your ear without making any movement.  Repeat the process for several days for twice a day.  This will soften this ear wax.  Now flush your ear with Luke warm water that will bring the lump of ear wax out from the ear canal.  This is the easiest and authentic way of getting rid of ear wax.
  • Take a water bottle and add boiling water in it. Now lie the ear against the opening of the bottle.  The steam coming out from the bottle will soften the ear wax.
  • Glycerin is also very effective ear wax remover. Apply few drops inside your ear.  This will soften the ear wax and prevents it from drying.
  • Water can also help in ear wax removal. Add water into your ear with a help of a dropper.  Wait for few minutes.  Now tilt your head in the opposite direction and let the water drain out of your ear.  Repeat this process until the drained water becomes colored.  This means that the wax is melting and coming out from your ear.  Do not use boiling water as it can burn your ear and can rupture your ear drum.

These are some of the safest, easiest, and cost-effective remedies that will surely help in the ear wax removal.

Medication used for ear wax removal

There are many ear drops available in the market with different brands names. Preferable ear drops are the ones that contain hydrogen peroxide in their formulation. These are considered as the best ear wax removal drops.  When these drops are instilled in your ear they release hydrogen peroxide that results in the breakdown of ear wax.  Tilt your head and let the melted ear wax drain off completely from your ear.  Then clean it with a cotton swab.

Ear candling

It is also an effective method for ear wax removal.  This process involves the insertion of thin cylindrical, hollow, and lighted candle into the side of the ear containing ear wax.  This procedure requires the help of a skillful person otherwise; candling may result in ear burn, injury, or blockage of your ear canal.  Due to high risks of damage caused by ear candling this method is not a common practice in hospitals or homes.

Ear irrigation

This is a common practice in hospitals.  Mainly doctors use this method for the ear wax removal.  This is an alternative method, if the ear drops fail to remove the ear wax then this method is used.  Water with a very high pressure is poured into the ear that removes the ear wax.  Sometimes doctors use a suction device that sucks the ear wax out from the ear.  Patients need to visit the doctor after every six months for a proper ear examination and for the removal of buildup hard layer of ear wax.



Surgery is the last option that doctors have if he is unable to remove your ear wax via medications.  The doctor first examines your ear by using an instrument called as otoscope.  This instrument has a light and magnifier that helps in the better view of your internal ear.  If the doctor sees a very hard layer of this ear wax he would suggest a minor surgery.  That would definitely result in ear wax removal.

To prevent ear wax accumulation into your ear all you need to do is clean your ears with a cotton swab or a piece of cloth gently on regular basis. This will prevent the accumulation of ear wax and it will keep your ears cleans all the time.

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