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Omron 7 SERIES Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

The most vital organ of the human body is the heart that requires the constant check for its efficient working and for the human body as a whole. 33% of the American population suffers from the problem of High Blood pressure that leads to sudden heart attack, strokes, kidney failure and blindness. Omron 7 SERIES wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is the essential tool to constantly get the right information of heart’s condition. It is easily accessible and easy to carry the device that helps to monitor the blood pressure either at home, at the office or anywhere according to health description of the doctor or physician. It is moreover helpful in reducing the chances of heart problems. Simple easy to use measure can make the long-lasting healthy changes to active life.

There are two types of readings on the bold pressure wrist monitor that both comprise the blood pressure reading the complete picture.

  1. One is the systolic pressure reading at the top of wrist display that describes the blood pressures create out of contraction to pump blood to the whole body.
  2. Second one is the diastolic pressure at the bottom of wrist display that allows the blood pressure reading while the heart relaxes between heartbeats.

How to monitor the Blood Pressure?

Omron 7 Series wrist Blood pressure monitor is the highly recommended device by doctors and pharmacist. It has the function of automatic activation of accurate blood pressure level by constantly flashing the blue light. If the reading exceeds the normal international measures then the hypertension indicator alerts as well.

Omron 7 Series wrist blood pressure monitor is advanced, easy to carry the device for monitoring the blood pressure anywhere anytime. In other words, it is effective in measuring the heart condition constantly by allowing the precise reading since wearing it on the wrist.


The Omron 7 series wrist has the following essential advantages:

  1. It has the constant guide on the health of the heart by getting automatically activated after taking it on the wrist.
  2. It has two user modes that allow the two different users to monitor and track records of both of them separately.
  3. It has internationally recognized blood pressure monitor for normal blood pressure level at home.
  4. It is slim and portable device for monitoring blood pressure reading
  5. It has the advanced feature of retrieving the last eight weeks’ average reading in comparison to the current blood pressure reading.
  6. It has additionally the feature of keeping the data capacity of 200 readings with date and time.
  7. Allows several customers to store numbers independently. Contains two cuff dimensions or a one-size-fits-most cuff. Indicates when the customer’s hand is at heart level.


  • Has an infrequent pulse rate sensor.
  • The blood pressure reading may be affected by different factors.

Human body blood pressure naturally changes constantly therefore the number of the reading do get changes as well. For example, different activities allow blood pressure changes constantly, blood pressure at morning would be different than night blood pressure reading, or when at home or at the office. Omron 7 SERIES wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is useful to get the overall picture of the blood pressure any time you want.


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